To begin - choose either a Website Starter Kit or an Online Store Starter Kit  

Once you choose your Starter Kit, then add as many modules as you like.  Please note, unfortunately we are only able to add modules to one of our Starter Kits, we are NOT able to add modules to other websites. 

When adding modules, remember you can start small and then add more over time - as your business needs grow.  


Add Online Store Modular Features

If you started with a Website Starter Kit, you can easily add a Store to your website - simple add the module.  Do you need to add extra products but don't have the time?  Select the Add Product Bundles for the number of products you want in your shop, and we will add them for you.
 - OR -
Already have an existing website and just want to add on a Store?  Simply, select the Add a Store to Your Website module and we can get started from there. 


Add Event + Membership Modules 

Have you always wanted to create event, sell tickets or sell memberships on your website?  Now you can by simply adding any of the below modules.  (btw: selling tickets, or membership requires adding the Online Store module if you don't have it already).