Add a Store to Your Website

Add a Store to Your Website

Creating an Online Store can be very complicated if you are not familiar with ecommerce. Our expert team will do all the set up work so you are able to sell products or services from your website. Adding e-Commerce is only available to be set up on an existing Oliver & Spence Website.


  1. Shop Page Layout
  2. Product Page Layout
  3. Shopping Cart Page Layout
  4. Check Out Page Layout 
  5. Taxes Set Up
  6. Shipping Set Up
  7. Currency Set Up
  8. Banking Set Up
  9. Credit Card Acceptance Set Up


Add Initial Product Bundles to Your Store

Our team will add as many products as you require to your store, simply order as many bundles as you need.  We offer 3 Product Bundles


  • SMALL Bundle = 5 Products (included)
  • MEDIUM Bundle = 10 Products +$200
  • LARGE Bundle = 25 Products +$750

    Each product added includes title, price, variations, descriptions and feature images and thumbnail images


Once we get your order, our Website Design team member will be in touch to collect your information for each your store.


Website Platforms

Although we specialize in WordPress websites, we are also able to add Shops to your existing Wix or Squarespace website.